Rose Community Development Corporation

In 1996, Rose Community Development Corporation, a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) wholly Indian-owned and controlled NGO was founded (incorporated in January 1999) to provide a new direction for self-sustaining community and economic development. The principal office is located at 58 South Main Street, Harlem, Montana 59526-0277.

The Rose Community Development Corporation has created a novel business model, employing cutting edge applied mathematics and complex systems modeling tools in order to architect a new series of economic, legal and organizational activities for Indian Nations. These activities, designed to be conducted under the joint auspices of the Rose Community Development Corporation, its investors and financial benefactors and Native American Tribal Councils aim at an entirely new kind of Indian Community Economic Development. Because this model uses a new approach and new tools, its programs differ profoundly from the processes, mechanisms and outcomes associated with earlier, less scientific and less investment oriented community economic development models.

The Rose Corporation is the first Community Economic Development Corporation that uses the economic principles of the East Asian Economic Developmental State and the principles of modern physics and applied mathematics (New Growth Theory). The application of New Growth Theory coupled with the Wall Street method of developing economic models around existing economic activities, replaces the failed approach of applying social theories to address economic needs.

We do not ignore the role of culture and institutions in this model and approach. Quite the contrary, we draw heavily on rational choice theory, neo-institutionalism, and perhaps most importantly on the work of Masahiko Aoki, Hyung-ki Kim and Masahiro Okuno- Fujiwara in the field of comparative institutional analysisThe Rose Corporation also draws from the results of the Harvard Project on Indian Economic Development to explore the role of institutions, sovereignty and culture in economic development.