Architecture Introduction

Asano "Twilight in the village Nara"


Bridging the Gap between the Japanese Experience and Economic Development Today

The Rose Corporation's self-imposed mission is to act as a bridge between the experience of Japanese Industrial Policy and community economic development. The Rose Corporation has designed a unique hybrid economic development model, adapted from the Japanese experience, and adjusted for Japan's learning curve, that fits the situation, culture and governance of communities today. The hybrid model and related hybrid technologies will be bridged into communities, through the Rose Corporation's comprehensive programs and its planned support of community institutions through its five related programs Rose Solutions, Rose Capital, Rose Communications, Rose Education and Rose Cultural Preservation.

The Rose Corporation will exercise a centralized administrative function over these programs in order to maximize efficiency. To the extent, which it is practicable Rose Corporation models its functions and services after those employed by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in creating the Japanese Economic Miracle. Some of the basic features, which the MITI model embodies, are illustrated on the following page.