Back to America

"This Land Is My Land", Michael Horse ((Yaqui,Mescalero,Apache,Zuni)

Back to America

A Native American Initiative to Restore
America's Manufacturing Base
Rose Corporation

A Tax Exempt (501) (C) (3) Corporation

  • Providing management, scientific research and technical consulting services to Indian Country.
  • Differs from traditional community economic development models in 3 critical ways:
    • Investment driven rather than philanthropy driven
    • Uses a business model to target and accelerate economic growth; not a social model
    • Structures investments to create mutually re-enforcing value clusters

Rose Team

  • Directed and managed by experienced, accomplished and well educated Native Americans
  • Core Competencies in the latest sciences of:
    • Business
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Strategy
    • Management
  • The management team consists of the Executive employees, the National Advisory Board and a well-rounded Board of Directors
  • Rose Corporation offers specialized management services through our corporate structure and its prime resource of "qualified industry associates", all of whom have held senior executive anagement positions in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

The Situation

  • Since 2000, the U.S. has lost over 4 Million manufacturing jobs or roughly 23.5% of the entire manufacturing workforce. More than 40,000 factories have closed in the past 10 years.
  • As of November 2008, 13.16 Million Americans were employed in manufacturing as opposed to 17.2 Million in November 2000.
  • US employers cut 2.6 Million jobs in 2008, the highest number since 1945.
  • US unemployment rate in December 2008 stood at 7.2%, the highest it has been since January 1993.
  • Native American Unemployment rates vary 50% to 80% on an average.
  • Manufacturing as a share of GDP has declined from approximately 17% in 2000 to approximately 12% in 2006. In contrast, China's manufacturing sector accounted for 43% of the economy (2008).

The Objectives

  • Restore America's manufacturing base by bringing back manufacturing given to foreign countries.
  • Create American based machining/manufacturing value clusters
  • Create high paying jobs which guarantee a higher standard of living for America's working families.

Why Manufacturing Matters

  • Engine for creating living wage jobs and a strong middle class
  • Drives productivity, technical innovation and economic growth
  • Mainstay of State and Local economies
  • Critical for achieving a positive trade balance
  • Essential for maintaining a strong national defense and homeland security.
  • Manufacturing jobs have a strong multiplier effect; each job supports as many as 4 other jobs.
  • Manufacturing was responsible for 1/10th of all US jobs in 2007
  • Manufacturing generates about $1.6 trillion or 12% of GDP
  • American manufacturers are responsible for two-thirds of R&D investment in the US

The Project

  • To restore America's manufacturing base, "Back To America" begins with:
  • The global commercial Aviation Airframe, Component Manufacture and Maintenance Industry valued over $45 Billion, growing annually at 3.1% to over $61 Billion by 2018.
  • The global Military MRO of $60 Billion in 2008, with approximately $31B in located in North merica.

Main events shaping the industry:

  • Passenger air traffic will grow at 5% and cargo at 5.8% over the next 20 years
  • Fleet size (non- military aircraft) to grow from over 18,000 to nearly 28,000 by 2017. Current military aircraft fleet is over 39,000 strong.
  • Accelerated outsourcing of airline engineering and maintenance to independent third party repair stations. Overall MRO outsourcing is projected to grow from the current 53% to 73% by 2018. 90% of engine MRO, 30% of Line Maintenance, 85% of Component maintenance and 75% of Heavy maintenance will be outsourced by 2018.
  • Convergence of the civil and military fleets: More commercial off-the-shelf aircraft and technology & globalization of commercial MRO supply base.
  • Growth of Licensed PMA allowing OEMs to focus on core competencies such as product design and engineering

Project Proposal

It is not required that clients already be in the manufacturing business. Rose Corporation's specialized aviation services are comprehensive and integrated both horizontally and vertically enabling client entry from any stage of business.
Project Phase I: Regional/Community assessments including geographic location and site survey assessments and briefings to community decision makers
Project Phase II: Business plan tailored for region/community specific clusters, which include

  • An in-depth market analysis
  • A Comprehensive strategic Market Plan
  • A total tactical sales plan
  • A Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • A Corporate/Operations System of Controls
  • An in-depth organizational structure with planned growth

Project Phase III: Implementation of Business Plan including 14 CFR part 145 - repair station certification

Creating Accelerated Economic Growth

  • The Rose Corporation accelerates economic growth through a comprehensive approach of:
    • Screening and targeting specific industries
    • Investing patient capital in those industries through
      • Investment funds
      • Joint Ventures
      • Strategic partnerships
    • Organizing industry production into value clusters
    • Providing the infrastructure for informational connectivity of the value clusters
    • Perfecting low cost manufacturing techniques for high tech products
    • Producing ever increasing value-added variations of the targeted industry's product

Rose Specialized Services

  • Targeted research projects
  • Economic/computational modeling
  • Informational connectivity
  • Aviation and Aerospace Industry
  • Prescreened, targeted investment
  • Forming business clusters
  • Strategic business mapping