National Development Advisor

Gregory E. Smitman

National Development Advisor

Greg Smitman :

National Program Strategies and Implementation
Reservation Based Economies and Economic Development
Indian Agriculture & Indian Economic Development Policy

Greg Smitman and his family have been known and respected by the Stuart Family for twenty years. In that period of time, Rose and Douglas Stuart have witnessed and been a part of the historic Indian administration and policy changes, brought about by Greg's leadership of the Intertribal Agriculture Council, a national Indian organization, based in Billings, Montana. Rose Stuart, an elder within the Assiniboine Nation, and for whom Rose Community Development is named in honor of, holds Greg Smitman in the highest esteem, respect and honor, for not only his personal advocacy on her behalf, but for his advocacy on behalf of all Indian people. Before the advent of the Intertribal Agriculture Council, Indian agriculture and Indian business people, in general, had no government agency recognition, outside of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). IAC is directly responsible for the "Indian" desks and staff that now exist within every USDA department, the largest provider of federal dollars to Indian Country and economic development. Prior to 1987, and the advent of IAC, not one "Indian" desk or Indian inter-agency department for Indian Agriculture, existed outside of BIA. Greg's leadership, in bringing together and holding together, 85 Indian Nations united in a common purpose, forever changed the landscape of Indian policy towards Indian agriculture and Indian business entrepreneurs. Today, the federal government, throughout all federal agencies, has an Indian department and an awareness of and respect for Indian issues. One of the critical core competencies that Greg brings to the Rose Corporation and the Management Team is the learning curve of the corporate organization, personnel and national strategy required to build Rose Community Development Corporation into a national organization and implement a comprehensive set of programs that will create far-reaching change in Indian economic development.

IAC, under Greg's leadership, has written, obtained support for and enacted several key federal statutes dealing with reservation-based economies, including section 2501g of the 1990 Farm Bill, providing for reservation based USDA offices and inclusion of Indian landowners and operators on key USDA State and County Committees. Douglas and Rose Stuart initiated a USDA Administrative Appeal, to mandate implementation of this section and seek to put Indian landowners and operators in control of their own reservation economies. In 1993, Greg's leadership through IAC, wrote and won support for the American Indian Agriculture Resources Management Act, that among other things, recognized for the first time Tribal Government jurisdiction of reservation lands, provided responsibility and authority to Indian Landowners, and overturned Bureau of Indian Affairs land leasing programs which had previously prevented most Indian people from using their own lands. Numerous other policies, regulatory and statutory changes in Indian law in the past decade are directly the result of specific strategies and programs of IAC. Greg is well known and respected on Capitol Hill.

Greg's understanding of and direct involvement in, reservation based economies and the related areas of policy, regulatory and statutory issues will represent core competencies and a competitive advantage to the Rose Corporation and Management Team's implementation of its' comprehensive set of programs. No other national based Indian organization, other than IAC under Greg's former leadership, has any one individual that possesses such broad based, core competencies in Organizational Development, Program Planning and Implementation, Policy Work, Administration Functions and Problem Solving. Greg's core competencies, expand, strengthen and add specialization and competitive advantage to the Rose Corporation's Management Team.