Dr. Maurice Passman Publications

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Dr. Maurice Passman Publications

Open Access Publications

1. ‘Metamodels and Emergent Behaviour in Models of Conflict’ Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Volume 12, Issues 7-8, November 2004, Pages 579-590, James Moffat and Maurice Passman.

2. The Implications of Peter Lynds 'Time and Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Indeterminacy vs. Discontinuity' for Mathematical Modeling’, Proceedings, North American Association for Computation in the Social and Organizational Sciences, 2004, P V Fellman, M Passman, J V Post, A C Post and C Carmichael.

3. ‘Complexity Theory and Network Centric Warfare’, Information Age Transformation Series, 2003, J Moffat, W Perry, S Witty, D Rowland and M Passman.

4. ‘Organisations under Stress and Extreme Risk; Military and Civilian Organisation Optimisation, Their Similarities and Differences', Proceedings of the LSE Complexity, Ethics & Creativity Conference, 2003, M Passman.

5. ‘Command and Control in the Information Age’, TSO, 2002, J Moffat, M Passman and S Witty.

6. ‘Metamodels and Emergent Behaviour in Models of Conflict’, Proceedings of the Operational Research Society (UK): Simulation Study Group, 2002, J Moffat and M Passman.