Dr. Eleanor Wynn Anthropology

Dr. Eleanor Wynn Anthropology
Vice Chair NAB

Dr. Wynn is a Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, working in IT Innovation on leading edge projects that characterize the needs of an adaptive organization. Her career spans over 30 years and includes senior scientist roles at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Bell-Northern Research and Intel Corporation, and 12 years of independent consulting for major clients.

She holds a PhD in Linguistic Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley, where she specialized in meaning systems and conversation analysis. She has applied the theoretical insights of this perspective to real-world problems where other approaches failed to provide insight. She developed a focus on complex adaptive systems during the 1990s and uses this approach in all her current work, from micro to macro scale enterprise problems and social network analysis.

She represents Intel and funds memberships at Santa Fe Institute, Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems and formerly New England Complex Systems Institute. As such she has a large professional network in the field of complexity science. Dr. Wynn is past editor-in-chief and current editor emerita of Information Technology & People, an information systems journal, which she joined in its first issues and built into a respected medium for socio-technical research.

Well read in current affairs, since 9/11 Dr. Wynn has independently researched public domain journalism, intelligence memoirs, historical and literary works on the CENTCOM field contexts to grasp the types of threats facing the country from asymmetrical warfare. She is familiar with CCRP and C2. Bilingual, bicultural, she applies anthropological insight to every situation. She is widely traveled, highly observant and adept in international settings.

Dr. Wynn’s expertise in applying complex adaptive systems to discover the relevant social insights of real-world problems, provides the Rose Corporation and the Management Team, with expanded core competencies and adds an enhanced specialization to the cutting edge, applied mathematics and complex modeling tools employed by the Rose Model and Rose Approach, in targeting, developing and accelerating business and job growth.

Dr. Wynn’s PhD in Linguistic Anthropology, with specializations in meaning systems and conversational analysis and empowered by complex systems modeling, will enable Indian students, business and tribal leaders to discover new insight into the real-world problems they face and then incorporate that new insight into modeling successful solutions to those problems.