"Indian Reservation Document 1881", Michael Horse (Yaqui, Mescalero, Apache, Zuni)

Cyber-Rez Phase II

Rose Corporation’s mission is to empower Indian economic development in the efficient allocation, concentration and preservation of Indian resources, for the purpose of building sustainable, independent and sovereign Indian Nations.

To that end, Cyber-Rez Phase II will provide the information infrastructure among and between Native Americans for the creation, retention and transference of wealth, knowledge, technology and innovation. Native Americans will be able to stake out a piece of cyber-space, their own “virtual reservation”, where they can be connected in pursuit of educational, business and communications agendas that are consistent with their beliefs, culture and values.

Cyber-Rez Phase II will accelerate sustainable, long-term economic development, for these traditionally impoverished Native communities, by creating and servicing the technological linkages necessary to join the twenty-first century world on equal footing in the new knowledge-based economy.

The corresponding technical paper can be read here: Download PDF