Proprietary Screening Model


Proprietary Screening Model

Rose Corporation has developed a proprietary screening model based on a (a) combination of the kind of industry targeting which Japan used after WWII to create and then accelerate its economic growth and (b) the latest tools from complexity science currently used for scenario planning and investment decision making, particularly "agent-based modeling". A key element in the Rose Approach is the use of current, up to the minute risk management and decision making tools and models employed by successful corporations and Wall Street firms in planning and implementing new projects. This investment tool will target appropriate investments at both the individual entrepreneur level and at organizational and government levels.

Agent based modeling provides a wide range of opportunities for Rose Corporation to approach the selection of business, locations and community cultural variables in optimizing the use of capital, building sustainable economic enterprises and investments and harmonizing the requirements of socially responsible investors with the needs and cultural uniqueness of communities.

Business and society, as they have become increasingly complex and interconnected, demonstrate emergent phenomena. One of the most successful methods for dealing with complex systems and emergent phenomena has been agent based modeling, which is a bottom up approach that studies the problem at the "grassroots level" following what complexity science refers to as "local rules of behavior" in order to generate a model of a system at the macro level. Recent increases in computing power allow sophisticated scenario planning to be undertaken through computer simulation using the analytical tools of chaos theory and complexity science which would have been simply been to expensive , time consuming and complex for a business to consider even a few years ago. These agent based models are able to take into account the complexity of individual behaviors within a whole variety of simulated environments.

Agent based modeling, and the insights of chaos and complexity theory are at the scientific core of Rose Community Development's proprietary screening method and will allow us to allocate assets in a way which will optimally meet the needs of investors, but which also builds a capital base, physical and knowledge infrastructure as a direct result of our community economic development activities.