"Strong Eagle Shows His Horse Stealing Powers", George Flett (Spokan), Colored pencil on ledger paper dated 1895

Why Rose

Indian Nations, developing countries, their leaders and entrepreneurs face a global challenge to meet the economic needs of their growing populations. Economic needs are not met with a social theory model. Economic needs are met with revenue; revenue from businesses and the jobs they create. Applying our on-going research to the real world, we target, develop and accelerate business and job growth using a business model to meet economic needs, and we build businesses upon scientific principles of modern strategic management. We are not the traditional economic development program.

Our Rose Model and Rose Approach, using cutting edge applied mathematics and complex systems modeling tools, incorporating a proprietary screening model, and targeting specific businesses will accelerate growth, accelerate job creation, and accelerate revenue.

Rose Community Development is global in its solutions, but local in its approach. We are dynamic in nature, constantly adapting our products and services to emerging patterns of new solutions. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary in providing cutting edge, specialized services to our clients including:

Rose Specialized Services
  • Targeted research projects
  • Economic/computational modeling
  • Informational connectivity
  • Aviation and Aerospace Industry
  • Prescreened, targeted investment
  • Forming business clusters
  • Strategic business mapping